Toy Review: Gigi 2 by Lelo

This is my first review so please bear with me.

When my boyfriend and I first when into our local sex shop, I was super hesitant to purchase anything, it was more of a “look and touch everything and anything” kind of day for me. I couldn’t wrap my head around the prices at this store- but yet again, you are paying for quality, potability, longevity, etc, so I get it. I just could NOT get my self to buy anything until one of the sales women was telling me more of the features on the Gigi 2; longer charge, 100% waterproof, sleek in design, 8 vibration speeds and patterns, and how the “flat” tip hits your g-spot just right.

She began to tell me her personal experience with the toy and how it is her favorite vibrator blah blah blah, who knows if she actually owned the damn thing, but boy did she have me sold.

I purchased my Deep Rose Gigi 2 for the full retail price of $139.00, however on it is being sold for $125.10.

One regret I already had about this toy is that I didn’t purchase it on the Lelo website, but I could’nt imagine waiting however many days to receive it in the mail, and my boyfriend and I wanted to use it pretty badly.

So, at a first glance opening the box, it is packaged with a sleek black design throughout, the toy really popped in the all black box. The charger cable is located on the left side of the box under the “Lelo” tab, and under where the toy is placed in the box is a small silk bag (for toy storage), instruction manual/buyers guide, manufactures card and a sample of the Lelo Personal Moisturizer. (which I also love, review coming soon) The toy is a 3.7 inch insertable, take up to 2 hours to charge via USB and can last a whopping 4 hours!!

Okay, so enough rambling and get to the use of the toy Lulu, UGh.

After turning on the Gigi 2 I was uncertain on which vibration speed and pattern to start on. I would say I was somewhere in the middle, also, its almost completely silent!  Yes I did climax when first using it and it has continued that way. This toy hit my g spot SO well. I’m not one to reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation but this made it all possible. My mind (and my boyfriends) was blown. It was a sensation that was so good, that frankly I don’t even remember it, it was THAT good.

The Gigi 2 is quite surprisingly good to use for just clitoral stimulation, just place the toy on a desired speed and setting and go to town!

I honestly don’t think I have one bad thing to say about this toy. Maybe it is just my anatomy, or vagina, but I love it and it will always share a place in my heart.


*GREAT vibe for its price and quality

*8 speeds and patterns, packs a punch for its size

*10/10 would recommend to anyone who is curious about it


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